Smoothies - Juice Bar Supplies

Our freshly made smoothies, yogies (pro-biotic yoghurt fruit drinks) and milkshakes are made with only pure whole fruit. We supply individually portioned frozen sachets and you simply add fruit juice or milk and then blend, it’s that simple. Being freshly made means they're so much tastier than bottled smoothies and customers appreciate you doing that little bit more for them.

Quality is paramount so that you have the best product for your customers. Freshly picked fruit is cleaned and frozen at -40C within hours of being picked ensuring the fruit retains maximum nutrition and taste. From cold storage to your door we take care of everything so that the fruit is kept at its optimum temperature.



Berry Burst


Sachet £0.55
Box of 25 £13.75

Strawberries & blueberries smoothie

Beet n Blend


Sachet £0.52
Box of 25 £13.00

Beetroot, raspberry & banana smoothie

Green Machine


Sachet £0.47
Box of 25 £11.75

Broccoli, spinach, celery, banana and pineapple smoothie

Caribbean Breeze

caribbean breeze

Sachet £0.59
Box of 25 £14.75

Pineapple, strawberry & coconut smoothie

Tropical Delight


Sachet £0.59
Box of 25 £14.75

Peach, passion fruit & mango smoothie

Veggie Twist


Sachet £0.47
Box of 25 £11.75

Ginger, apple, spinach, carrot & lemon zest smoothie

Morning Glory


Sachet £0.47
Box of 25 £11.75

Spinach, mango, pineapple & banana smoothie

Mighty Green

mighty green

Sachet £0.60
Box of 25 £15.00

Apple, pear, kiwi, mint and avocado smoothie